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Digitalisation is moving companies to operate more openly and become more networked: Customers today expect to exchange data across digital channels, which means that business needs to adjust their processes in the same way.

In parallel, large-scale cyberattacks and the misuse of personal data have reached an all-time high with the associated risks continuing to increase.

Challenges of digitization

This poses an increasing challenge for companies to examine the management of user data for web applications and customer portals more closely. It is not just about the security of the data, but also about where and how they are stored.

Learn how end customer administration can be implemented easily and cost-effectively.

Digitalisation and its effects on your business

Digitization is a hot topic, especially when it comes to finding competitive advantages.

Find out in the webinar how you can efficiently manage user data with simple tips and tricks

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Presented by Stefan Lomas

UK and Ireland Country Manager at United Security Providers

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